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Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies has been established under the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. The local authority founded in 1983.And its tasks are as follow: to develop and to implement policies related to social services and solidarity at the local level, to protect the structure of the family, to conduct the social services and the solidarity activities for children, to prevent discrimination against women, to apply every kinds of precautions and solutions for the disabled and the elderly, to take precautions in order to protect the relatives of martyrs and veterans from the unjust treatment and the deprivation, to arrange the solidarity activities for those who need the protection and social aids, to take precautions in order to protect the family integrity and to provide the coordination and the collaboration among other institutions and NGOs. Our goals are: Prevent discrimination against women, protect and promote women's human rights, women's rights in all areas of social life, take advantage of opportunities and to ensure equal opportunities, social services and assistance to carry out the activities for women in this area of cooperation between public institutions and organizations and voluntary organizations and coordination. Social and cultural fabric against abrasion while maintaining the family structure and values to future generations a healthy way to provide the transfer of the national policies and strategies have been identified to coordinate the protection of the integrity of the family and social services and assistance to carry out activities to increase family welfare, with public institutions and organizations related to this field of voluntary organizations to ensure cooperation and coordination Protecting children from abuse and neglect all kinds in order to ensure the healthy development, social services and assistance to carry out the activities for children in this area of public institutions and organizations and voluntary organizations to ensure cooperation and coordination. Interfere with all types of disabilities and the elderly, to the neglect and exclusion, active participation in social life and to ensure non-discriminatory, social services and assistance to carry out the activities for people with disabilities and the elderly, public institutions and organizations related to this field and to ensure coordination and cooperation between voluntary organizations. Assistance for segments of society in need of social assistance and protection activities on a regular and efficient conduct; public institutions and organizations related to this field and to ensure coordination and cooperation between voluntary organizations. First, in order to support the child in the family upbringing and family education, counselling and social assistance strengthen the protection, care and needy children, women, the disabled and the elderly determination, their protection, care, carry out the necessary services to provide training and rehabilitation Support immigrants Organizing local, national and international scientific events, enlightening the society publications, educational activities and carry out projects, local, national and international congresses, seminars, the Council and other events Public institutions and organizations, universities, local governments, for social purposes, foundations, associations and other civil society organizations ,voluntaries and the private sector to ensure cooperation and coordination, preparation and implementation of joint projects To co-operate with international organizations, to develop and carry out the project, carried out the study and participate in the activities of our country (city) is a party to international conventions monitor and evaluate the implementation of the decisions at the local and national level
Contact person/s : Mrs. İkbal KARAMAN
Full address : Anafartalar caddesi no 70, Altındağ Ankara TÜRKİYE
Telephone : +90 (312) 418 66 62
E-mail : ikbal.karaman@aile.gov.tr
Company web address : http://ankara.aile.gov.tr
GAZI UNIVERSITY Information on Women Studies Application and Research Center
Within the framework of universal human rights, the judiciary basis of the male-female equality is strengthened every day. However, providing gender equality in public policies and generalizing gender equality applications in social, political and financial lives has become a necessity rather than a preference in the today’s world. The empowerment of women naturally broadens the framework of the social roles. Providing women, who approximately constitute half of the world’s population, to be equal citizens in all fields of social life is a necessity of the democratic government philosophy. Thus, it is Turkey’s responsibility within the framework of the international agreements it has signed to develop policies for battling gender discrimination, to apply programs and to generalize the idea of gender equality on the basis of raising women’s social status, Within the framework of this responsibility, as Gazi University Women Studies Research and Application Center, performing academic and social studies for the development of women’s social status, participating in research and education activities, contributing to the increase of social awareness on gender equality, and developing policies and strategies for this purpose are our important objectives. Within this framework, performing activities in terms of judicial arrangements concerning equality, pioneering or contributing to the preparing and implementing policies and programs aiming to increase women’s education levels, developing suggestions for the improvement of women’s political representation, working on women and family health, contributing to the increase in female employment and strengthening their judicial status and preventing all kinds of violence against women are our priorities. Developing national and international cooperation within our objectives and priorities, performing activities aiming to strengthen women’s social status with public and private institutions are among the things that should be done to develop university-society cooperation. Developing and contributing to the development of all kinds of approaches solving problems concerning women’s status, working in cooperation with partners to prevent all kinds of discrimination against women are our responsibilities as the Center.
Full company name : G.U. Women Studies Application and Research Center
Contact person/s : Prof. Dr. Gonca BAYRAKTAR DURGUN
Full address : İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi Kamu Yönetimi Bölümü Beşevler / Ankara
Telephone : (+90) (0) 312 223 7331
E-mail : kadincalismalari@gazi.edu.tr
Company web address : http://kadincalismalari.gazi.edu.tr/
FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria Information about the organization:
FH JOANNEUM is a University of Applied Sciences located in Graz, Austria. FHJ offers students sound academic training – our programmes are practice-oriented, project-based and interdisciplinary. In other words, we work in close cooperation with business and industry to put acquired knowledge into practice, we develop innovative solutions for topical issues in applied research projects and forge links to related disciplines.
The research activities of the Institute of International Management are widespread & range from entrepreneurship, higher education standardization around the world, higher education support for developing countries, the adaptation of the higher education curricula to the needs of the industries, the development of training materials, internationalization through regional development, and quality management.
Entrepreneurship has been for many years one of the main focus areas for FH JOANNEUM. The university is a coordinator or partner in several EU- or nationally funded projects on the topic such as "3EIII-Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs", "WINGS- Establishing a European network and platform for women entrepreneurs", Austrian team of "GEM-Global Entrepreneurship Monitor", "Enterprise4All- Providing unemployed people with entrepreneurship skills", "EDUKKATE- Developing an innovative training & mentored internship scheme to promote entrepreneurship" and “I SEE YOU- Initiative to foster Social Entrepreneurship Experience for Youth” . To expand the expertise and knowledge, a focus will be kept on entrepreneurship initiatives from all over Europe.
Full company name : FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences
Contact person/s : Ms. Sandra Meier
Full address : FH JOANNEUM Institute of International Management Eggenberger Allee 11, A-8020 Graz
Telephone : +43 316 5453 6835
E-mail : Sandra.Meier@fh-joanneum.at
Company web address : http://www.fh-joanneum.at/
Fondazione Risorsa Donna The FRD’s aims are to support women who, for economic or social reasons, are excluded from the banking system. On the basis of a valid and coherent business plan, the Foundation aims to help such women by providing them with the instruments and opportunities to access money, information, technology and markets. This integrated approach to micro finance is one of the key elements in ensuring the sustainability of the Foundation. The beneficiaries of microloans can benefit from a network of volunteer supporters which provide mentoring on a regular basis as well as assistance on legal, fiscal, employment and marketing issues. The FRD’s principal activity is microcredit.
FRD realize activities to the women. In particular, through the branches actives on the field and through the network. FRD maintain a continuous contact with the microcredit beneficiaries and with the women that want start up a business and with the participant at the training activities.
Other activities include the organisation of training courses, in partnership with private and public bodies, aimed at supporting entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise creation as well as raising the awareness of fiscal, economic and financial knowledge among women. The Foundation also carries out research projects on subjects related to its main activities directly or through its wholly owned subsidiary. As ONG work in developing countries to support social and economic inclusion of women (Guatemala).
FRD is active member of European Microfinance Network. Has leaded a Research Working Group in 2012-2014 period and for 2014-2015 is member of 2 working group “Innovation race idea-lab” and “Social performance idea-lab”.
FRD collaborate with Reseau Mediter www.euromediter.eu and is part of the Italian Ente Nazionale Microcredito.
Moreover is member of - the “State Register of Associations and Organizations operating against racial discrimination”, placed upon the Ministry of social affairs
- the UNAR, “National Register of Associations and Organizations operating against discrimination” (Racial Antidiscrimination National Office), placed upon the Presidency of the Counsel of Ministers – Equal Opportunities and Rights Department
Specific expertise:
- “Women’s access to credit. The state of affairs in Lazio Region and Italy” (2008)
- Supporting training course for migrated women beneficiaries of micro credit (6 editions, from 2004 to 2009)
- Training course on female microbusiness (2 editions, from 2007 to 2009)
- Training course on the vocational education for a new professional figure named POGEF- Progettista di Opportunità di Genere in ambito Finanziario, realised within the Project “Integrated Services for the development of female economy” (2008)
- 2 editions of the vocational training course on the creation of a micro business for immigrated women.(2009) within the project “Podi”.
- Non formal training activities for immigrant women and young people on the creation of a microbusiness (2010-2012)
- Vocational Training course for young people on the creation of a business for young people (2012-present) within the project “Rome, Capital city of Young people: new business idea for the community”
- Vocation Training course on the creation of a microbusiness in collaboration with Associazione sant’Annibale (2013-2014)
Microcredit considered as integrated path to start up business:
- Social microcredit funds by Compagnia San Paolo (2003-2009)
- Social microcredit funds by Fondazione di Venezia (2005)
- Social microcredit funds by Fondazione di Viterbo (2011– present)
- Microcredit project of Ente Nazionale Microcredito (2016-present)
Full company name : Fondazione Risorsa Donna
Contact person/s : Maria Claudia Costantini
Full address : Fondazione Risorsa Donna Via Albenga 33 – 00183 Roma (Italy)
Telephone : +39 0657289655
E-mail : c.costantini@fondazionerisorsadonna.it
Company web address www.fondazionerisorsadonna.it
ASOCIATIA PENTRU PARTICIPARE CETATENEASCA ASOCIATIA PENTRU PARTICIPARE CETATENEASCA (ASSOCIATION FOR CITIZENS´ PARTICIPATION) is a non profit association constituted for the promotion of programmes based on the development of active citizenship and adult education aiming to design and improve better standards for adult social integration and personal development through training and professional practice whose main objectives are:
  1. Promote, create and develop initiatives to promote active citizenship and adult education
  2. Promote the creation of networks and cooperative local, state, transnational partnerships between organizations of civil society:
    public agencies, universities, associations, private entities
  3. Promote recognition of skills acquired through volunteering, community activities and family-related activities
  4. Encourage the exchange of experience and good practices in the local, national and transnational framework, with public and/or private entities to promote the adult education and active citizenship
  5. Promote mobility throughout Europe of individuals involved in adult education
  6. Promote research, knowledge and learning of active citizenship
  7. Promote interculturality and preserve cultural heritage
  8. Create and develop concepts, products and innovative approaches to encourage the promotion and dissemination of European active citizenship. APPC promotes the validation of nonformal and informal learning as a top priority in the modernisation of the European education and training systems. It is a concrete tool for lifelong learning that contributes to offer more flexible learning pathways for European citizens and helps individuals, institutions and employers to identify and take into account individual progression and development in personal and professional pathways

Contact person/s : Mrs. PEPTEA Florina Doina
Full address : 505200 Fagaras, 3 Republicii, Brasov, ROMANIA
Telephone : +40 721 212 433
E-mail : hanako2001ro@yahoo.com
Company web address http://www.participa.ro/
Association Working with Europe Working with Europe is a non-profit association established by a group of professionals from different countries. Our mission is to help partner organisations create innovative ideas, develop very qualified and competitive applications and to help manage the project if granted and support the quality of the work processes and outcomes.
We primarily work in such programs as Erasmus+, Horizon and EaSI
WwEU works in collaborative projects addressing very different forms of innovation, but the core capacity and expertise of the association and its professionals is to design and implement quality programs in projects
Alongside the collaborative European activities, the association delivers capacity building training to organisations that wish to be able to act independently on the European scene - creating applications, implementing projects and participating actively in European innovation
Full company name : Association Working with Europe
Contact person/s :
Full address :
Telephone :
E-mail :
Company web address : www.workingwitheurope.com
Ieba-Centro De Iniciativas Empresarıaıs E Sociais
IEBA is a territorial development association, private and not for profit, created in 1994, in Mortágua in the Portuguese region Centro. Its statutory objective is “(...) the development of its territory, namely through the technical support and the promotion of economic, cultural and social activities, human resources, education and training and also through the creation and management of enterprises.”
IEBA has a permanent, multi-disciplinary team (Economics, Sociology, Social Work, Education Sciences, Management, Accounting, Informatics and Sports), with 14 permanent employees and works with a wide network of external trainers, consultants and other experts, creating strong synergies and complementary competences. Has established partnerships with organizations from almost all European countries.
Is organised in 3 offices, related with its areas of work: projects and development, training and employment; services to companies. Its regular activities are:
• Training – Certified VET provider for adult learners in 13 education and training areas, organized 11.800 hours of training for nearly 2.000 adult learners;
• Projects – 90 Social innovation and intervention, local development, and capacity building projects, being: 55 in the framework of national funds, 35 in the framework of EU funds and having lead 46, being partner in 36 and providing services in 8; project areas’ are employment, employability and adult education, sports to empower youth and promote social inclusion, promotion of women, seniors and youth entrepreneurship, promotion of gender equality and prevention of all kind of discrimination.
• Organisational development - Companies and social economy capacity building programmes: qualification of 300 companies, giving nearly 17.500 hours of training and involving 5.457 adult learners from these companies; qualification of 120 social economy organizations, giving 26.000 hours of training;
• Expertise services – training and consultancy services targeted to clients’ needs in training, projects and organisational development areas.
Full company name : Ieba-Centro De Iniciativas Empresarıaıs E Sociais
Contact person/s
Full address
Company web address : www.ieba.org.pt
Association M3-MCube
M3Cube association was created by a woman-entrepreneur in 2005. We organize ICT-workshops for the vulnerable populations in Paris and participate in various European projects by Promoting intercultural and intergenerational communication, combating the e-Exclusion, diminishing the digital divide, reinforcing electronic illiteracy.
M3Cube already has a sustainable experience in European projects dedicated to the development of entrepreneurial women. In particular, the association is experienced in providing classes aiming at improving computer and language skills. M3Cube will help women in acquiring these skills that are an essential start point to succeed in starting up a business. M3Cube has also been involved in the management of several European projects and will be able to provide a valuable support in all the management activities. M3Cube has also led studies on entrepreneurial women in the framework of European projects. M3Cube will use these competences to identify the needs of the project's target group. Dissemination activities are also regularly developed by the association.
Full company name : Association M3-MCube
Contact person/s : Solène BUNEL
Full address
E-mail : solene.bunel.eseniors@gmail.com
Company web address : https://www.facebook.com/M3CubeAsso/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE
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